Senior Cat

While your pet may seem healthy well into its senior years, there are many problems common to geriatric pets (like liver disease, diabetes, cataracts, cancer, and osteoarthritis) that may not present symptoms until your pet becomes extremely ill. A comprehensive senior examination and diagnostic screening helps your veterinarian to identify problems early enough to institute preventative health care measures.

Conditions commonly found in older pets include liver disease, dental disease, heart disease, cancer, thyroid disease, osteoarthritis, and diabetes. Many symptoms of these diseases, such as drinking more water than usual, can be very subtle and difficult for owners to notice.

November is Senior Pet Wellness Month and South Shores Animal Hospital is promoting our Senior Pet Wellness Package on all pets 7 years of age and older to identify diseases earlier and keep your pet happy, healthy and active.

Senior Pet Wellness Package Includes


An exam is not just a chance for the vet to see how cute your pet is. A thorough physical exam can pick up a variety of illnesses and prevent potential catastrophic diseases. By diagnosing and treating your pet early, your pet will live a longer and healthier life.



For senior dogs and cats we perform tests for not only kidney and liver functions, but also a thyroid test and urinalysis. Accompanying this will be a blood pressure check. We want to make sure that the internal systems of your pet are as healthy as what we can see on the outside!



Urine evaluation gives us valuable information about the kidneys and urinary tract. As pets get older, bladder infections become very common and don't always show outward signs of infection.



Senior pets are more susceptible to intestinal parasite infections. Regular screening helps prevent/detect early stages on intestinal parasites.



To keep your dogs paws healthy continue to trim their nails. Trimming their nails on a regular basis makes the procedure less stressful and it becomes a routine rather than a bad experience or a fearful situation. Letting their nails grow too long makes walking uncomfortable and the quicks of the nail too long.


Signs of aging

Some signs of aging like a gray muzzle or slowed activity are easy to identify. Other signs are more subtle and can compromise your pets health which include

1Decreased Activity
2Increased Sleeping
3Changes in Skin and Muscle
4Stiffness & Lameness
5Less Interaction with the family
6Disorientation or Confusion
7Weight Gain or Loss
8Changes in Appetite
9Increased Urination
10Digestive Problems
11Vision or Hearing Loss
Senior Dog